Design of functional objects is for Alexander Schabracq in fact a natural consequence of his endless creativity. It emerges by necessity, almost like, if it’s not there he will make it it himself with the utmost pleasure. This is probably also the origin of product design in general.
In a time lapse where the traditional borderlines between the different dsciplines in the arts are overthrown and almost invisible, and in a period where the computer apparently has taken over the entire design process, Alexander Schabracq designs in his own intuitive but experienced way, where he uses the computer just as another helpfull fine tool.

Just like Art and it’s spectator, Design tends to “talk” to the user. It communicates through it’s form and color and usefullness. An extra and important input is the creativity of the client and user. An interesting example of such a cooperation are the “rolling kitchens” and foodtrucks made for plantage onverwacht van Rene Piqué.

The forged fences Alexander Schabracq makes, although clearly functional, seem to reflect upon his autonomous artworks. The origin of this can be found in the fact that the functionality of a fence is very basic and simple and therefore can be seen as a symbolical object. They are also easy carriers of essential and/or decorative graphical forms. In other words : “a fence can tell you a story”.