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The “Rolling Kitchen” festival

The Rolling Kitchen festival is a yearly happening during 5 day’s in may that represents a wide variety of foodtrucks and an equally big amount of different foods and drinks to be sold outdoors. It shows the latest creativities and novelties in the field of this rapidly increasing market of outdoor foodvending and consumption together […]

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Le Carrosse de Rotisserie

Specially for the unique café, restaurant, partycenter and in summertime City-Beach hangout called:” ROEST “, in the Amsterdam city center, Alexander Schabracq designed and created : “Le Carrosse de Rotisserie” . This is a theatrical, mobile and motorized turnspit.

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Viva Ignacio

The “Viva Ignacio” food truck is the second rolling kitchen Alexander Schabracq designed and produced in collaboration with Rene Piqué for his enterprise called Plantage Onverwacht which manifests itself with theatrical splendour and great success on the many fashionable festivals of this moment.
Ignacio is according to the Mexican history the inventor of the Nacho which […]

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