Alexander Schabracq considers his art, or visual arts in general, as materialized reflections of a personal development. Especially at the start of the 21th century we can determine and state that there’s a great freedom in style and concept in the visual arts. There is no real current or art movement nowadays more than ” postconceptualism “. During the second halve of the eighties, Schabracq developed his “deconstructions” as a reflection on society, simultaneously with the deconstructivism in architecture, literature and philosophy of that same era. But today he’s convinced that all the need to create…., while concepts are more liberated then ever before and without restrictions,… is brought back to the level of the individual. Therefore according to him it’s “the personal myth” , which manifests itself as numerous products in a chronological order during one’s life. His artworks are sometimes reactions to previous works or just a serial build-up on several personal fascinations and therefore his thematical contents, which is on itself again the product of his lifelong development.

It’s a firm conviction of alexander schabracq that there’s an important misconception about conceptual art. Concepts aren’t just thought up by sitting down and being clever. Concepts are produced by : doing, making, struggling, falling and getting up again, redoing, selfreflection, and maybe some thinking. A Concept without form or material is just another idea and therefore not Art. like creativity on itself isn’t Art either.

However his here above mentioned “thematical content” can be seen as concepts that spread throughout the designs for his art works as well as for his design products. The only difference between Art and Design, for that matter is functionality. And ofcourse certain functional design products in commission come along with a great many ideas and guidelines of the royal client.