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Tavola Quattro Design is the brand and studio of the artist and craftsman Alexander Schabracq. No project is too big, no material is too hard, no idea is impossible. A man of passion, who seeks challenges, finds solutions and delivers products.

All this results in a wide range of products and artworks of an equally wide range of materials, in which iron and fire, play a dominant role. Blacksmithing, forging and casting, but also the firing of ceramics, belong to his daily practices. Nevertheless he’s also experienced in carving stone , woodwork and painting.


Alexander tells his own story, in his artworks, but also in complicated conceptually dominant commissions, if only by the signature of his hand. The artworks can globally be categorised as: sculpture, painting, graphics and drawings. Alexander is open to all kinds of new ideas. With his outstanding craftsmanship he’s also able to participate in other peoples concepts or to simply give them shape.



Useful products until now appear in many categories like monumental outdoor lighting, indoor lamps, in- and outdoor furniture, jewellery, fireplaces (restoration and totally new designed), forged signboards or shop signs, specially damask forged cooking knives, ceramic products like cups, vases and plates, custom made and specially designed fences and lately thematic rolling kitchens and food trucks.



For every project Alexander undertakes, whether it be a large forged iron monumental fence for the public space , an intimate piece of furniture, or a special damask forged chef’s cooking knife, it will be completely bespoke to you, bringing you the most creative and professional solution to your questions. He approaches every project without any preconceived ideas or solution, because each new opportunity is the chance to create something memorable and unique.


Have you been playing with an idea in your head for a while, but no idea how to make it happen? Have you been wanting this fantastic robust steel fireplace in your garden? Maybe a specially designed and forged fence or some out/indoor lighting, Or have you been dreaming about a beautiful landmark sculpture in your community park? Start realising your ideas. Talk to me. Let’s see what the possibilities are and brainstorm together. Let’s make it happen.

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